Making Printed Circuit Boards with the Fab Lab

Marc Boon, Feb 2008

Step 5: Soldering and testing

When the board are milled and drilled, cut them out by scoring the edges with a sturdy cutter, and break the material along the edge of a table. It would be nice if the boards could be milled free from the material after drilling, but that is still a job left to do. For now, we just cut them out by hand.

Mounting the components is straight forward, using the component layout from Eagle. The part are mounted on the top and soldered on the bottom (copper) side. The coil has to be formed from 0.8 mm copper wire, using a pencil or screwdriver and winding 4 or 5 turn of copper wire around it. The leads are bend at a right angle and cut off to about 5mm length.Micro TV soldering

Testing the circuit involves connecting a video source such as a camcorder to the video socket, and connecting a battery to the circuit. Then try to find the channel on a portable TV set by slowly changing the dial across the VHF range (channels 2-12). Once the signal is found, fine-tune by turning the yellow trim capacitor, and adjusting the video modulation depth using the trimpot.
For more info on this procedure consult Tetsuo Kogawa's website.MicroTV broadcast

Happy broadcasting!

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